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Larb Gai

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About Tasty • Healthy • Living

Why tasty healthy living?

Do you want to be healthy and still live well? Me too. I love to eat and have fun with family and friends but I’m cursed with genes that make it necessary to eat carefully and exercise – a lot. In 2009, I began following the South Beach plan and today, I’m almost 40 pounds lighter and committed to advocating for a healthier future – for me, my family, and whomever decides to read my blog.

I’m lucky. My family has always enjoyed adapting high-calorie meals into tasty healthy ones we can enjoy (relatively) guilt-free. I want to share my favorite recipes and cooking tricks – as well as useful exercise tips and health information – as I strive to live healthier.

Why now?

Over the last few years, I realized that I’d focused so much energy on my career that I’d compromised my health and well being. I may still slip into less-than-healthy habits from time to time (who doesn’t?) but if I share everything with you, I’m hopeful that I’ll continue to succeed.

About Samantha Edwards

I moved from the UK to the Washington, DC area with my parents and younger sister in 1983. Thanks to my family’s lifetime focus on being fit and healthy, I’ve been eating and creating tasty, healthy food for as long as I can remember. Work-life balance has eluded me for more than a decade so I’ve spent the last year obsessing over healthy living and being with my husband and son.

When I'm not cooking, I’m boxing, spinning or biking outside. I’m also an experienced public relations consultant with an extreme interest in health and wellness-focused clients.

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Tasty Healthy Living

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