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Larb Gai

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Thank goodness for the versatility of chicken. It’s not always possible to make dinner from scratch so for those mid-week nights when you’re just too tired, use the weekends to cook ahead. There are a number of great chicken recipes that I have in my repertoire but who wants to handle raw chicken all of the time? I defrosted a 4-piece bag of chicken breasts overnight so I’m in the midst of sautéing them in spray cooking oil with a little pepper and salt. They might sound bland but I didn’t move them much so they’re crisped on both sides to maximize favor. I’ve also scraped the tasty brown bits from the bottom of the pan and kept them with the cooked chicken so I can add it to any sauces later.

Tomorrow, I’m making balsamic-basil chicken with red peppers. But more on that later.

Photo of pan seared chicken

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