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Larb Gai

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A serious case of exercise ennuI

For over a year, I’ve been enthusiastically exercising 5-6 days a week but about a month ago something changed. I got bored. My spinning, boxing and kickboxing routine became, well, routine. Instead of looking forward to my classes, I was trying to work out how to avoid them. I needed to dispel my ennui quickly.

After reading one of Jillian Michael’s daily newsletters, I decided to try a new class at Gold’s Gym. I didn’t want to change when I exercised so I picked a Zumba class to replace one of my regular spinning classes. It was just the change I needed.

I felt intimidated and awkward walking into the packed aerobic studio so quickly hid in the back row. The music was infectious. The choreography was complex. The instructor was incredibly limber. I was the most uncoordinated, least wiggly person in the room but was too focused on learning the dance steps to notice the hour passing by. Everyone left class smiling and thankfully, I can only get better.

So when you find yourself dreading your next workout, how are you going to liven things up?

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Denise Edwards 10/28/10 10:25 am | Reply | 0 Agree | Abusive

I have taken up Belly Dancing and love it. It is much harder than it looks. It strengthens up your core muscles and loosens up your hips. The best part is the jangly coin scarf that is a "must have" for any Belly Dancer in training!!

Denise Edwards 09/21/10 4:15 pm | Reply | 0 Agree | Abusive

I agree that when boredom sets in, it is time to ring the changes. I tried Belly Dancing. The first few times, I found it surprisingly hard. Moving your rib cage from side to side without moving your shoulders or any of your lower body is harder than it sounds. Moving your hips from side to side while keeping your upper body completely still is just as hard. I am still working on trying to do both these moves together while making snake movements with my arms! Anyway, I am persevering, and I love it. The music is so sensual and catchy. I especially like the brightly colored hip scarves trimmed with fringes and coins that move with you when you sway and shimmy. Also, it is a whole new way of using your core muscles in ways you had never imagined possible!

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