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Larb Gai

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Luscious Larb Gai

I love the Thai dish larb gai. It is time-consuming to prep – because of all of the fresh mint and cilantro – but the vibrant flavor makes it worth the fuss. I’ve found many larb gai recipes online but my version suits my family’s taste buds – and my preference for low-carb meals.

photo of larb gai dish


Mint (3/4 to 1 cup)

Cilantro (3/4 to 1 cup)

Minced chicken (about 1 pound)

Bean sprouts (1 bag)

Boston or romaine lettuce (cups or shredded to suit your mood)

Carrot (shredded)

Green onions (1 bunch thinly sliced)

Lemongrass puree (1½ tbsp)

Lime juice (3 tbsp)

Fish sauce (3 tbsp)

Start sautéing the green onion with some spray cooking oil. Mix together lemongrass puree, lime juice and fish sauce and put aside. Add the minced chicken to the slightly caramelized onion. Once the meat is browned and completely cooked, mix in the lemongrass/lime juice/fish sauce mixture. Reduce the liquid so it’s a little thicker then add half of the mint and cilantro. Add bean sprouts and toss for a minute before turning off the heat and adding the reminder of the mint and cilantro. Serve in Boston lettuce cups or over sliced romaine with shredded carrot and sliced cucumber.

Comments: 3 | Reply

Foodie 08/28/10 1:59 pm | Reply | 1 Agree | Abusive

It looks like it is well stocked in many supermarkets near me. Thanks!

Foodie 08/21/10 1:00 pm | Reply | 0 Agree | Abusive

This sounds delicious. Where can I find Lemongrass puree? I'm more familiar with powdered versions.

Samantha Edwards 08/25/10 5:27 pm | Reply | 0 Agree | Abusive

I found tubes of pureed herbs (basil, ginger, lemongrass, dill, etc.) refrigerated in the fruit and vegetable department at my local grocery store. Here's the store locator for the Gourmet Garden brand that I like best:

There are some good recipes on the site too. Let me know what you think!

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